What’s In a Name! By Vinay Soumya

What’s In a Name! By Vinay Soumya

I deny that there is Nothing great in a name. Big brands attract people. Your brand value is measured by your possessions. If you drive a Mercedes, you are sure to be taken as a man of status. The opposite may be true if you own a humble brand.

Once I was in a public place, top to toe donning brands. Literally a BRAND PERSONIFIED, I held my head high. The shoe was the costliest brand I wore. It was a famous foreign brand. Suddenly, my left foot hit the ground. The upper still clung to the foot, the sole dropped like a dead leaf. Humbled and disgraced, I walked head down all the way to my vehicle.

On other occasion, we left Delhi for Jaipur early morning. We were invited to a house warming party hosted by our close relative. I insisted travelling in our Indian make car, but my husband preferred to drive his French car. No doubt, it was more spacious, less noisy and comfortable. The journey was smooth and pleasant. Half an hour more, we would have reached our destination and then the car stalled. My husband opened the bonnet and detected that the timing belt was torn, chewed by a menacing Jerry! (the Rat}

In scorching heat, we pushed the car to the nearest garage. The Mechanic announced, “Sir, I don’t have the timing belt of this foreign make. No problem had it been Maruti, I have all the spare parts.” We rang up our host and intimated the details of unexpected mishap. My husband advised me to travel in a taxi to reach the venue, but I preferred to retreat with him.

All the way back home in a towing vehicle, I felt I was showcased in one of the tableaus at Rajpath at the Republic Day parade.


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About Soumya

Creative Writing Diploma (IGNOU)

Her Work:

— Assisted the editorial team of a Literary Journal

for a short period.

—-Wrote book reviews and stories for children.

—- A short story collection (for adults) was

published in 2016.