We want him back!

We want him back!

14th June 2021 is Sushant Singh Rajput’s 1st death anniversary. But till day, the mystery behind his death remains to be unfolded despite the fact CBI, NCB and ED are at work. Thanks to SSR’s great number of fans who kept “JUSTICE FOR SSR” campaign alive.
However, till date there are many CONTROVERSIES relating to the death of the TALENTED ACTOR:

1. A few sections of the media believe that the actor committed suicide. The SUICIDE THEORY is DEBUNKED by ACTOR’s FANS.
His fans believe that SSR was brilliant and brave and nothing could demotivate him. A very popular video of SSR confirms, if nothing worked, he could make a film on his own with his Camera. Such was his spirit! I’ve seen a video in which he declares he is HIS own inspiration. When asked,”Whom did he draw his inspiration from?” His answer was, “ME.”
2. Another theory is related to Disha Salian’s murder. On 8th June 2020, Disha Salian, a PR Manager informed SSR, while attending a CELEBRITY PARTY,that a minor girl belonging to an NGO (Supported by SSR) was being assaulted by a group of well-known people. The child abusers were furious when they came to know that Disha Salian had revealed their sinful deeds to SSR. Late at night, on the same day, Disha Salian’s nude body was found on a road close to a Malad’s high rise building.

The criminals reportedly tried to pressurize SSR to be silent about their MISDEEDS. BUT SSR REFUSED TO OBLIGE THEM. It is also reported that SSR was offered a big amount for this purpose. But SSR reportedly announced to hold a press conference on this issue. Consequently, the gang reportedly brutally assaulted SSR on the night of 13th June 2020. All the CCTV cameras in and outside the building were switched off or hard disks removed to eliminate all the proofs of the pre-planned heinous crime.

3. Another version concocted by his flatmates is that, SSR had fruit juice on the morning of 14th June 2020, and then locked himself in his room. In the afternoon, when SSR didn’t respond to the knocks on his door, his flatmates broke open the door/lock with the help of a locksmith. Siddharth Pithani, his flatmate was the first to enter SSRs room and see SSR hanging from the ceiling fan. It is hard to believe how a tall person like SSR, (6 feet or above,) could hang himself from the ceiling fan keeping in view the inadequate gap between the bed and fan. Absence of a stool at the scene too makes the suicide theory unconvincing.

A number of marks on SSRs dead body confirm that SSR was brutally assaulted. It is reported that his leg too was fractured. His face looked paralyzed – his one eye was shut whereas the other was open. Taser gun could have been used. CAN A BADLY INJURED MAN HANG HIMSELF? No one saw him hanging except his flatmate Siddharth Pithani. Why didn’t he click a picture of SSR hanging from the ceiling fan? This is totally unconvincing. The suicide theory obviously is flawed.

SSR ,no doubt, was a generous and an open minded person. His flatmates and his creative team included people of different backgrounds and states. HE HAD THE RAREST OF THE RARE ABILITY TO WRITE WITH BOTH THE HANDS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Physical fitness was very important to him. Many videos of SSR show his expertise in performing physical feats. Love for music and singing was his another attribute. His another passion was star gazing; he watched the sky and the planets through his powerful telescope. Benevolence was the rare virtue he possessed. He was an amazing dancer. The popularity SSR won in a short span in the film world might have made many envious of him.

Astonishingly, there are rumors of SSR being alive! SOUNDS IMPLAUSIBLE! BUT I WISH SO!


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