To Kill a flying bird By Vinay Soumya

Hardly a day passes when I am not pushed into a pensive mood by the news of a female being exploited, abused, assaulted, raped or brutally murdered. The tormentors are none other but humans. Of all the species, the humans are driven by reason and logic. Human beings are distinguished by a highly developed brain, that enables them to speak different complex languages, solve problems, invent, create etc. Human beings can introspect, differentiate between good and evil, moral and immoral, compassion and cruelty.


Leaving aside the psychology of psychopaths, I’ll talk about the rapists who are normal. They are manipulative, exploitative and vicious. They may take advantage of a helpless, lone woman. Rapes may happen within the confines of four walls or in a lonely spot; it may be planned or unplanned. However, the rape cannot be justified.


Rabia was an educated, working woman who lived with his family in Sangam Vihar, Delhi. She worked as a Civil Defense Officer in the office of South East District Magistrate, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. As per reports, she went missing since 27th August 2021, and her highly mutilated dead body was found in the jungles of Surajkund, Faridabad.

I could not come across reliable and confirmed reports of Rabia Saifi being a married woman, but there are sources that claim that a man has confessed murdering his wife, Rabia Saifi. The accused blamed the victim of having illicit relations with other men. Rabia’s parents confirmed that they have no knowledge of Rabia being married. The accused, identified as Nizamuddin surrendered himself at the Police Station. There are conflicting reports regarding the place of surrender; a report says the accused surrendered at Faridabad Police Station, whereas the other report has named Kalindi Kunj Police Station. As per Nizamuddin’s version, he had secretly married Rabia Saifi without the knowledge of her parents. As reported, he murdered her in a fit of rage when he came to know about her insincerity. The man, so far, couldn’t produce any proof of his marriage. Rabia’s family has refuted all his claims, and they maintain Rabia was gang raped. There are rumors of Rabia being a girlfriend of Nizamuddin who helped her getting the job.

Due to limited media coverage of the case, certain facts remain ambiguous. Undoubtedly, Rabia’s murder is a barbarous act, and the accused should be punished without loss of time. We have lost another young, bright, self-reliant girl who deserved the freedom to lead her life happily on her own terms and conditions.


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