Tarot Decks are not only tools to look into future, but are read to attain wisdom, truth and insights in the journey of life. Hence, it is advised to approach the reader with respect and faith.

The year 2022 is a good year for women who play pivotal role in any sphere of life, but caution is to be exercised. Be wary of your rivals. Women will do well, especially in fine arts, painting, singing, acting etc. Those engaged in export/import business should have positive mindset. Fashion designers are advised to exhibit their originality and creativity. Cosmetic, perfume, jewelry business indicate encouraging results.

The anxiety and suffering caused by Omicron virus would lessen in the month of April, but further mutation of virus cannot be ruled out. The researchers would do well, and may have a breakthrough. There might be certain bottlenecks in export / import of vaccines and medicines. There might be panic about the vulnerability of smaller children. The situation would ease soon without much loss. However, it is important to follow social distancing and other covid norms.

The countries having cold war like relations with other countries, may have to shelve their differences on the back burner to protect their greater interests. This year would be good for friendship and love. Justice would be delivered to the innocent, poor, and underprivileged.

Students might face confusion, but courage and perseverance would pay well. Good times for govt. servants. Tough time ahead for the corporate sector. Uncertainty might prevail, bosses would be assertive. It’s time for the employees to have straight talk with the bosses. The working hours should be fixed up and other matters be sorted out. Otherwise, there might be mass resignations. If timely and corrective measures are not taken, Corporate Sector may have greater setbacks. Self-employed professionals and traders will be comfortable. Net working, team spirit, interaction with the staff would pay well. Personal bias and exploitative behavior is to be given up.

Disclaimer: The above predictions are general. Tarot reading is an intellectual and intuitive activity.


The images shown in the article are the creation of Ma Padma Deva, the Creator of Osho Zen Tarot.


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