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Impending Disaster By Vinay Soumya

The trauma of Covid 19 second wave is not over yet, but we are horrified by the imminent third Covid 19 wave. Second covid 19 wave took away millions of human lives. WAS IT A NATURAL CATASTROPHE OR A MANMADE DISASTER? The US Intelligence are...

City of Nawabs By Vinay Soumya

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, with his begum and a daughter. Lucknow is proudly called a CITY OF NAWABS, and rightly so. The last Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah, reportedly had over three hundred wives. Imagine the endless number of nawabs and princesses...

We want him back!

14th June 2021 is Sushant Singh Rajput’s 1st death anniversary. But till day, the mystery behind his death remains to be unfolded despite the fact CBI, NCB and ED are at work. Thanks to SSR’s great number of fans who kept “JUSTICE...

Marley-the LOVER

I stood at his grave. He had left the mortal world a few days ago. I prayed and wished he be born again and return to me. Just a few days ago, he was healthy and kicking. As usual, he was with me from breakfast to dinner. His was unconditional love...


Sweating Is My way India has already crossed 2,00,000 m ark as far as Covid 19 deaths are concerned. Alarming! More than 3 lacs new cases are registered every day. Consequently, the healthcare system is facing tremendous pressure. Dr. Sohil (young...


Best tarot card readers in Goa - Soumya Straight Talk - I wish to write blogs on issues close to my heart, short story collection, to write a novella in near future -

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