Sweating Is My way India has already crossed 2,00,000 m ark as far as Covid 19 deaths are concerned. Alarming! More than 3 lacs new cases are registered every day. Consequently, the healthcare system is facing tremendous pressure. Dr. Sohil (young man in pink shirt) worked constantly for 15 hours wearing PPE suit. After taking it off, we can see him sweat-soaked. But see his high spirits, he says,”Proud to serve the nation.” Among my kith and kin, there are two doctors who sweat it out taking care of the patients. Experts and authorities believe the surge in Covid cases happened because of negligence and complacency of people who believed the worst was over. Experts believe that after the first wave of Covid, we should have seized the opportunity to augment our healthcare infrastructure. We were really close to victory over the deadly virus

People didn’t adhere to the social distancing. They took big risk by participating in Kumbh Festival and huge election rallies. Thus, the tragedy struck us. There was huge surge in Covid cases, shortage of ICU beds, oxygen, ventilators and key drugs. Numberless people died. Dead bodies kept piling up at the cremation grounds due to shortage of space. Had we been vigilant this tragedy of great magnitude could be avoided. There was confusion, chaos and desperation.

As I was about to end my article, an SMS from my loved one brings tears to my eyes, “A friend’s father died waiting for the ventilator. A neighbor died gasping for breath and oxygen. Another died waiting for ICU bed. A friend’s father drove for hours through Delhi, NCR Haryana and interiors of UP to find a spot to cremate his father. A childhood friend, 38 years, died leaving behind 5 yrs old son. Another friend dies leaving behind one yr old son…………….Even if one closes eyes to news, the horrors are all there.”


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