Foody Fracas By Vinay Soumya

Foody Fracas By Vinay Soumya

Bengaluru City Police had to stall the investigation in a case when a City based Makeup Artist and a Social Influencer failed to record her statement against a Zomato Delivery Boy.

On March 9, 2021, the lady in question, ordered food from Zomato and declined to pay the cost of food as the Delivery Boy was late. The Delivery Boy (DB) explained he was stuck up in a bad traffic jam (quite common in the city). The circumstances were beyond his control. The lady was relentless. As per DB’s version, she hurled abuses at him and attacked him with sandals. Consequently, in an effort to shield himself, his hand inadvertently touched her hand. Unfortunately, her finger ring (or may be her nail) caused a scratch on her nose. The lady released a video of her blood smeared nose which went viral on social media. She accused the DB of assaulting her and punching her nose.

The DB was delisted from the food delivery app and Bengaluru police arrested him. DBs SAD PREDICAMENT. DB stated that he was late in delivering the food to the lady due to bad roads and traffic jam. By the time he reached the customer’s door step, she had already contacted the the Zomato’s Customer Care Service and cancelled her order. The Delivery Boy further explained the difficult circumstance he was pushed in. The lady neither returned the food packets nor was willing to pay for the food. On the contrary, as reported, she insulted him, using derogatory, abusive language. The way she attacked him with her footwear added to his misery. He was chased by her when he ran towards the lift and then he had no option but to take the stairs.

I appreciate the cops who were quite fair with the DB and gave him an opportunity to express his side of the story. The Electronic Police station lodged an FIR against the lady customer. She was accused of assault, insult and criminal intimidation. It is reported that when she was summoned for interrogation, she informed the police she had left the city and was at her aunt’s place in Maharashtra and could not appear for the interrogation. The police granted her more time to appear and record her statement in the case. As already stated in the beginning, as the lady customer is not presenting herself for further interrogation at the police station, the investigation in the case is interrupted. GIVING THE COP THE SLIP.

In such circumstances, I can’t conclude what the truth is. But I sure can state few facts that I’ve experienced.

  1. The Delivery Boys are quite well behaved.
  2. They never step in.
  3. They never expect tip. In other countries like US, it is a norm to tip the DB.
  4. Sometimes, when the customer doesn’t give the exact location, the DB’s time is wasted.
  5. The DB has to face the menace of street dogs.
  6. It takes time to record the details of a customer at the housing complex reception.
  7. They work under pressure and are quite accident prone.
  8. There are cases of deaths and injuries during the course of execution of delivery orders

  • There are many privileges that Indian DB’s counterparts in other countries enjoy.
  • May mention a few:

  1. Meals at discounted price.
  2. Reduced or flexible working hours.
  3. Vacation
  4. Life Insurance, health Insurance, Disability insurance, Occupational accident insurance, accidental death insurance.
  5. Pension plan
  6. Performance Bonus
  7. Maternity and Paternity leave
  8. The average salary may go up to 17164 Dollars per year.


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