A MAD MAN’s VISION By Vinay Soumya

A MAD MAN’s VISION By Vinay Soumya

There is a mad man in India who dreams nothing but the following:


  • 24 hours water supply
  • 24 hours power supply
  • Adequate food for its population
  • standard healthcare for all.
  • Good education for all.
  • Employment for all.
  • No beggars, no begging bowls.
  • Efficient and cheap transportation.
  • Houses for all.
  • No pollution.
  • Clean Environment.
  • No crimes.
  • No chaos.
  • Efficient and prompt deliverance of justice to all.
  • Efficient, honest police.
  • No Brain Drain.
  • Add anything you like.
  • The mad man’s dreams may materialize if the population of his beloved country i.e. INDIA is controlled. India’s population is three times more than the population of United States. India has less than one third of US’s land mass. WE WILL HAVE AN ACUTE SHORTAGE OF WATER AND
  • A section of our society has a misconception that more the children, more will be the earning hands. There is also a number of educated, empowered people who oppose the population control, saying that India may suffer from deficit population in future which is nothing but a fallacy.
  • The current population of India is 1,394, 160,942. Most of India’s problems will be solved if we are less in numbers. The IDEAL POPULATION FOR INDIA should be 30 millions to enable us to have a GOOD STANDARD OF LIVING.

A prosperous economy is characterized by high levels of consumer demand which is the result of increased buying power of people. The increased buying power is paired with the high levels of employment. Hence, India can have a flourishing, thriving economy only when we have less population. THE NEED OF THE HOUR IS POPULATION CONTROL for the total elimination of poverty. There is no dearth of talent in India. At this stage, the application of theory of optimum population will be fruitful.. The population which has the highest per capita income is the OPTIMUM POPULATION. The optimum population commensurate with the natural resources, stock of capital and the state of technical knowledge. The maximum welfare will be the outcome of the optimum population.


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