Was born to BM Lal Saxena and Rajeshwari Saxena in Delhi. Her father, a descendant from a titled family, was an ardent lover of literature. A post graduate in English literature, he had a good collection of books. Her mother was a voracious reader. Hence, Soumya was a privileged person to have easy access to books. She wasn’t a studious child like her siblings who cracked the entrance exams of prestigious colleges.

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I have mulled over the possibility of a woman roaming around alone anywhere and everywhere anytime. Will she be safe? Frankly, I’ve my apprehensions and doubts. There is nothing wrong in strolling on a beach alone late at night. But many would...

PREDATORS by Vinay Soumya

There isn’t a day when we don’t hear or read about a crime. Can we compare the world we live in with the jungle where the predators pounce upon their prey? We accept this fact as a law of nature; a big fish eats a small fish, bigger animal devours...

A MAD MAN’s VISION By Vinay Soumya

There is a mad man in India who dreams nothing but the following: PROSPERITY 24 hours water supply24 hours power supplyAdequate food for its populationstandard healthcare for all.Good education for all.Employment for all.No beggars, no begging bowls...

Aamir Khan


Since Aamir Khan made an announcement of his divorce from his second wife, the adverse comments are being dumped on him. I wonder why? Such massive criticism would have been pertinent in case his wife had complained against him. If the couple...

Impending Disaster By Vinay Soumya

The trauma of Covid 19 second wave is not over yet, but we are horrified by the imminent third Covid 19 wave. Second covid 19 wave took away millions of human lives. WAS IT A NATURAL CATASTROPHE OR A MANMADE DISASTER? The US Intelligence are...

City of Nawabs By Vinay Soumya

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, with his begum and a daughter. Lucknow is proudly called a CITY OF NAWABS, and rightly so. The last Nawab of Lucknow, Wajid Ali Shah, reportedly had over three hundred wives. Imagine the endless number of nawabs and princesses...


About Soumya

Creative Writing Diploma (IGNOU)

Her Work:

— Assisted the editorial team of a Literary Journal

for a short period.

—-Wrote book reviews and stories for children.

—- A short story collection (for adults) was

published in 2016.