Was born to BM Lal Saxena and Rajeshwari Saxena in Delhi. Her father, a descendant from a titled family, was an ardent lover of literature. A post graduate in English literature, he had a good collection of books. Her mother was a voracious reader. Hence, Soumya was a privileged person to have easy access to books. She wasn’t a studious child like her siblings who cracked the entrance exams of prestigious colleges.

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JOURNEY OF ERSTWHILE KATHER TO RAMPUR By Vinay Soumya There may be more than 35 Rampurs in India. Today my subject of interest is a small town named Rampur in Uttar Pradesh. History of Rampur Rampur was a group of four villages owned by Raja Ram...

What’s In a Name! By Vinay Soumya

I deny that there is Nothing great in a name. Big brands attract people. Your brand value is measured by your possessions. If you drive a Mercedes, you are sure to be taken as a man of status. The opposite may be true if you own a humble brand. Once...


Tarot Decks are not only tools to look into future, but are read to attain wisdom, truth and insights in the journey of life. Hence, it is advised to approach the reader with respect and faith. The year 2022 is a good year for women who play pivotal...

AVOID STRESS by Vinay Soumya

My previous blog article is about the possibility of age reversal. Though the scientific research/experiment might continue in this direction, yet I believe we can slow down the aging process if we avoid STRESS in our routine life and simplify our...

Eternal Youth By Vinay Soumya

What a beautiful world it would be if none of us age! Human mind leaves no stone unturned to make the impossible possible. From inventing a small tool like needle to inventing a spacelander and robots, human mind has done the rarest of rare wonders...


About Soumya

Creative Writing Diploma (IGNOU)

Her Work:

— Assisted the editorial team of a Literary Journal

for a short period.

—-Wrote book reviews and stories for children.

—- A short story collection (for adults) was

published in 2016.